Roof Leak Repair

Typical Reasons For Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can be caused by many different things. Storm damage from hail, tree damage from falling limbs, damage by people walking on your roof, old worn out shingles, cracked and sun damaged shingles…the list goes on and on. However, 90% of all roof leaks are caused by improper installation or by defective metal flashing. Rarely does the actual roofing product fail.


Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is found near any roof penetration area such as chimney areas, step, apron and valley areas where roof angles join together.  These are one of the most common areas for a leak to occur and are typically repairable if discovered and addressed in a timely manor.  Unattended roof leaks typically lead to complete roof failure over time.

Clogged Gutters And Downspouts Cause Roof Leaks

The extra weight from debris can also cause gutters to sag or even fall down. Usually downspouts can be cleared by just removing the debris from the gutter, but sometimes a blast of water is needed. For severe clogs you may have to remove the downspout and clean out the impacted material. Most houses have an eave overhang and therefore an overflowing gutter is not a threat to cause water entry into the home, but it can damage the overhang. For houses that do not have an overhang at the roof line, clear gutters and downspouts are even more critical.


Regular Roof Leak Inspections

To prevent the need of a roof leak repair it’s a good idea to inspect the roof several times during the year.   All of the leaves don’t fall at the same time, so one cleaning may not be enough. Many types of roofs can be damaged by inexperienced people walking on them or working from them, and there is the danger of slipping or falling. If roof damage occurs, you are much more likely to develop a leak, so make sure it is an experienced person on your roof.

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